Een bijzonder arrangement is  Christmas Eve/Sarajevo. Een nummer wat de Ballroomdansers zal begeleiden . Op de pagina van Flevo Christmas Proms kunt u alvast een voorproefje krijgen.

Een bijzonder nummer met een bijzondere achtergrond. Christmas Eve/Sarajevo 12/24
Justin Novelli schrijft over deze muziek:
The story he tells is of a Bosnian cellist who returns to his homeland to find it in ruins after the war. Orchestra band-mate (for lack of a better term) Paul O’Neill explained to Christianity Today, “I think what most broke this man’s heart was that the destruction was not done by some outside invader or natural disaster – it was done by his own people. At that time, Serbs were shelling Sarajevo every night. Rather than head for the bomb shelters like his family and neighbors, this man [Vedran Smailovic] went to the town square, climbed onto a pile of rubble that had once been the fountain, took out his cello, and played Mozart and Beethoven as the city was bombed.” Verder lezen?